I got Porsche! (2008.07)

Stock porsche cayman. I got porsche at 07/2008.

Umm... the color of the position light is not good. In addition, I also want HID conversion of foglamps

The wings goes up at 120km/hour, and down at 80km/hr. 
However, I've never seen how it moves during the highway driving! Wanna see!

One of the greatest view of Cayman is this. Gorgeous!

Rear fender is much wider than front.

In Japan, blinker and back light in upper, and brake and rear fog in lower.

My cayman comes with HID Inside is the blinker.

Mirrors won't move automatically.

Here is the air vents. Inlet, and outlet in the other side.

The exhaust tip of Cayman (not S) is single.

Stock rims are 17inch. Tires are continental

Brake is painted black. One of the greatest point is the break in porsche.

The meaning is "Cayman" is alligator.

Interior is all black.

Steering wheels are leather and sports steering.

Genunine navigation (Clarion). Mission is five-speed manual.

ETC. (The system by which we can pay highway fee without stopping.)

Maxium speed of cayman is little over 250km/hr. Not so fast.

Here is the sticker of Japan Porsche importers.

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