2008.12. Wangan running at the end of 2008

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With the KDP community, we decided to run at Wangan highway at the end of this year.

Most of the porsche are air-cooled. Some are cayenne.

Most of the gathered cars are GT3, turbos... I am wondering if I can catch up with them. 

Cayman is only me.

So let's go. Everybody are staring at us.

Exciting view. Only porsches.

In the tunnel. sounds are ..good!

Seeing the running Porsche is the one of the most exciting thing.

Passed.. and passing. 

Red 911 I like.


I am enjoying!

So introduce the cars gathered at this meeting.

Yellow type 996.

I will skip the details  .. because I don't figure out!

This color is the most I like.

Turbos (type 997)... I want one.

This is a real super-sports.

Next time, I will come with more modifications.

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