I went to the very famous Porsche tuners, Technicalmate.

There are so many attractive Porsches.

GT3RS! However, I dislike coloring.

Interior is good. I want to test drive.

GT3 club sport typr 994

I like this curve.


Jubily bodykit of 987 boxster. I can't agree with this design.

I see this rims for the first time.

I come to here to see two cars. One is this. Cup car type 996.

Huge wing!

The fender flares.

The meter was changed.

ECU is normal one from Porsche.

Engine is also normal. Around 370 hp.

Window is plastic.

The door is wet carbon.

And the front trunk is made by dry carbon! Surprised. Very light!

Umm.. I can't travel with this car.

Some guys get license plate in Japan, but it is a harsh and winding road.
It is difficult to drive this car in the street. But I want to do it.

Lid cover

The next car which I wanted to see is STROSEK cayman

Because the color is black, I can't see the details of STROSEK bodykits in website.

Front lip spoiler.

To fix this lip, no modifications are needed to stock body. Great.

Center middle wing is separatable.

Side skirts.

I think its too low

Air vents.

I think this interferes air aspiration..

However STROSEK guys said that it increased the air intake. I can't believe. Just looking.

Rear Wing and diffuser.

Carbon rear wing is very beautiful.

Great quality.

When the wings go down.

Rear diffuser, and Strosek exhaust pipe.

In addition, 20 inch rims are installed.

I like the bodykit. The problem is price..

Total cost for all bodykits are around $10,000!

You can buy a small car with this bodykit.

Factory Service.

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