2009.3. Cayman at FSW (Fuji Speed Way) 

I went to the "Fuji Speed Way", and test the cayman.

On board video was fixed firmly and securely!

Of course, I changed 19 inch wide rims to 17inch stock rims.
It is a stupid thing roll the circuit at wide rims.

However, looks are better in 19 inch rims, clearly..

Anyway beautiful places.

Register about getting license a card.


Oops, I  lost the way..

Marshall cars are also great. Crown.

Nissan GT-R.

And Lexus IS-F.

Another IS-F.


After boring class time..

I got a license card!

And I bought a ticket for free running.

Adjust the air pressure, and fasten the lock bolt.

Driving shoes would be better.

Helmet is needed.

And driving gloves.

Towing hook was inserted into front bumper.

The 2.7liter cayman hit 220km/hr at the end of the straight.

And at the corner.... it was GREAT!

Great handling!
Great braking!
Electronic device is also great. It does not interfere, does helps the driver.

After 30mins running. I enjoyed a lot.

In a word, Porsche is " a sports car which can run immediately at the circuit with no problems".

I don't know what this is..

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