2009.3. Time Machine Festival

I joined the "time machine festival", which are held by Fuji Speedway.
The event was sponsored by Lexus.

By e-mail application, I got the right to drive Lexus at the short-Circuit course, and 
Professional drivers also drive IS-F at the Center Course for us! Great!

Do you know that "F" of the "IS-F" means "Fuji"?
So, how IS-F runs at the Fuji-speedway. Very interesting...

It seems like that IS-F which Lexus prepared, was somewhat "modified" to this setting.
At least, car is lowered.

And very famous professional drivers..

IS-F is..
 5,000cc , V8, 423 horsepower, and Automatic(!)

So please enjoy the videos!

AVI movie can be downloaded from here (the size 40MB)

MOV movie can be downloaded from here (the size 32MB)

It was a bad conditions.
Heavy rains. And four persons in a car.
If not rained, the maximum speed at the end of the main straight was about 240km/hr.

However, the professional drivers are real PRO!
They run the car so FAST in this conditions.
And the IS-F is also nice.
The car hit up to 190km/hr at the Dunlop corners!

You can see, the tail slides in many times.
LSD did not work properly.
However electronic devices help the drivers much.

Please see the another Lexus. LS600L. 13,500,000yen!

New RX 350.

SC 430. I like its styling.

I also drove GS450H and IS-F at the short-circuit by myself.

GS450H is a hybrid car. Almost 300 HP.

I am confused for the first time, because when switching the keys, no sounds were heard from the car.
And realized, "oh, this is hybrid".

The car was not so bad. Very torqueful due to the assist of the electronic motors.
Sometimes, tails want to slide, but the electronic devices stabilizes. Worked well.

Of course, I tried IS-F.

I drove IS-F sometimes, but first for the circuit!

The car is powerful, and handling is tight.
The impression to this car was much improved.

They say "Lexus is the most safe car", but I don't approve.
The most safest car is the "Micra". Very slow and very safe.
However, when the customer want more power? Lexus might be the good answer.

They are very safe, and sometimes give us the good driving Not too "sporty" for aged persons.

And real "Sport Car" is this!

Oh! I want this one in a garage.

Quick charger.

Front tire.

Apparently, street-illegal!

Huge front spoilers.

Also in the rear.

In this event car, I can see many old sport car. It was fantastic.

Nice over fenders!

Oh I can see the inside.

And many "Z" gathered at this event.

So,,, many!

And old Z was displayed.

Hey! Where's the head light?

And many many light!

So,,, very satisfied. It was a great day!


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