2009.4.  Tatsumi PA

I met a friend, "Yayaya-san".

I sometimes drive with fog-light on at the metropolitan highway, as DRL.

I went to Tatsumi with Red Tail Light, and changed them to Tinted ones to show.

Here is the "Yayaya-san" 's cayman.


Rims are painted black. The quality of paiting is extremely high!

Porsche twin exhaust end.

White and black Cayman. Just like in the website of Porsche AG.

There were also so many Porsches in Tatsumi. 
I love white cabriolet.

This 993 is perfect, I think.

Great fenders. However, I don't know whether it is genunie.

987 Boxster

I love this color.

Exterior color is well matched with interior.

Rims are also good!

This one is RS spyder. Limited edition.

This owner modified RS spyder. Jubily bodykits are istalled.

19inch rims.

The rear tire size is 265-35-19!

Red interior.

GT3 air vents installed in front bumper.

Gauge hood is removed, "RS spyder style".

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