2009.4. What is GT1?

There are many GT2, and GT3, high-performance road Porsche cars.
But,, why no GT1? The answer is clear. 
GT1 is racing car, and there is also street version

I can't believe, this is street version.

The price is above 1,000,000 USD!

Of course, interior design is completely different from racing car.

However, other parts are similar. Engine, suspensions, and exterior.
So, the question is "where is engine?"

Yes, this is mid-ship, which is golden standard for racing car.
So, this "911 GT1" is not RR (rear-engine).
Anyway, this is also 911, because porsche named "911 GT1".


You can see the similarities in head light, type 996 911.

I got a very precious book. The book abut 911 GT1.

This is a bible of 911. You can see the completely inside of 911 GT1.

Street version.

And racing car. This car got 1st and 2nd at 98 LeMans race.
However, in FIT-GT series, Mercedes CLK GTR wins more.

Anyway, very beautiful cars.

Carbon body.

Engine parts.

Technical data.

The weight is 950 kg. Much heavier than F1 (around 650kg?).

The power is not so huge. Only 550 Ps by 3200cc.

Anyway, you should know GT1 when you ride GT2 or GT3.
You would be very impressed. Porsche is true "Racing car" and "Sport car" makers.
I am little disappointed by being known that Porsche made SUV and 4-door saloons.
Porsche is not Mercedes!

In addition, I also got a book of Audi racing cars.

Audi R8 for LeMans racing. The car is completely different commercial R8 product.

And Audi A4 for DTM. I loved DTM cars because of similarities of our cars, and good lookings!

Wide fenders, diffusers, wings...

And inside.


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