Rims : Advan RS (Racing Sports) for Porsche

19 inch rims are installed!

These Japanese rims are..
 maker :Advan
 name : Advan RS for Porsche
 tires : Michelin Pilot Sport2
 Size Front : 19inch 8.5J, 235-35-19, offset +52
 Size Rear : 19inch 10J, 265-35-19, offset +40
 color : Racing Hyper Silver

Porsche center caps can be used in Advan rims.

Rims are silver. Very bright color.

19inch is just for LOOKS not for FUNCTION.

Normal 17inch.
I know , functionally the 17inch is best!

The rims are JUST inside the fenders.

You can see ADVAN Racing logo in rim edge.

There are also stickers.

I like the three-dimensionally very complicated design of this rim.

Just inside the rear fender.

Umm.. I want to lower ..

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