Radar detector & accessory power supply (at LHD)

The radar detector is installed. Because Japanese police love Porsche!

This one is radar detector which is most important for highway driving.

The body and GPS antenna are separated.

You can get power from 12V socket.

Here is the 12V socket. However, I noticed that this 12V is "ALL-Time".

So I decided to get power from fuse box.

Please refer to left under panel and right under panel at the driver's seat.

We can get power using this product.

We can get power from fuse. 

I recommend "C6" fuse position.

You can check the location of fuse by this book.

You can get 0V, body ground earth here.

12V is obtained from C6 fuse.

Check the voltage at the accessory position.

And key off.

Fix the antenna at the corner of dashboard.

Hide the wirings behind the weather strip.

Monitor is located here.

Wirings are fixed by this metal clip.

Notice that unfixed wirings will inhibit drivings.

In addition to radars, we can check the precise speed, locations by GPS system.

And time.

Remote controller.

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