Smoke Front Side Marker

I changed front side marker to smoke ones.

These products are not genuine. 

Made in Taiwan

However, it seems like that the quality of product was not so bad.

At first rotate the tire to make space.

I am surprised that the hole is covered by black cap. Who cares inside the tire house.
This is "Porsche Quality"!! So, remove this cover.

Here is the removed caps.

POSES figures showed procedures kindly.

Using screwdriver push the back side of clear markers.

Like this. You need tip.

Good figures to show the procedures.

So disconnect the bulb by twisting the lens.

There is the sign showing the genuine product. Made in Germany.

Remove the black hose, and put to the new one.

Clear and smoke lens.

Clear (stock).

So, put into the new smoke lens.

Clear (stock)

Smoke. The light seems darker, but..

In the different angle.

It is enough bright

You may think it black, but in real, its smoke.

Of course, functionally, stock lens is much better!
Why mod? Becaue, I want to do it!

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