3WLED position light

I made very bright position bulbs using 3W LED.

Here is the 3W LED used.

This product need thermo protection, because of high wattage.


Note that the degree of light is 140 degrees. Very broad, and appropriate for this usage.

Of course, there are many commercial LED bulbs. But they are not so bright as 3W LED bulbs. 
Because, high wattage LED need heat protection, they can't use these LEDs in small bulbs.

Of course, this types are also available. But, we don't use this because of narrow angle of light (only 9 degrees)

By the way, what company is Edison? Made in China? Anyway, I don't care.

Cement resistance. 5W 20ohm.

Thermo plate.

Silicone to fix LED.

The important problems it this housing is made by metal. 
So we must set circuit separately from  this housing.

And, I decided to not to modify the Cayman side. So I got this.

This is 180degree angle. However, position bulb used in cayman is 150 degrees.

I scraped and removed one pin.

Like this.

Here is the cayman side of position light. You can see the 150 degree angle.

Put into this product to obtain power source.

And to make heat protection..I cut thermo plate.

In addition, the small piece of metal plate are prepared.

And sandwiched! LED, metal plate, and thermo plate. Alls are fixed by silicone.

And fixed on the housing using silicone and hot bonds.

Cements resistance are also fixed.

Can you see the LED in the center?

And all things are put back to the body.

Test. Very bright in daytime!

So, I look forward to see in the night..

In the dark evening.

I like that the colors of HID and LED positions are matched.

At night, LED bulbs are very bright!!

You can't see directly!

I love it!

Bright as HID headlight.

The color matches perfectly.

I have used LED conversion bulbs several times, and I 've never seen such bright position.

When the camera exposure time was short.

Next time, I will convert fog lamps to HID.

It is bright also in the daytime.

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