License Bulb

I changed license bulb from stock ones to LED. 

I will chang almost all the bulbs into LEDs in the exterior.

Because the halogen stock bulbs don't much well with Carara White Cayman body.

First, I planned to original high-wattage LED bulbs.

But I stopped, because there are already good commercial LED bulbs.

To change the lens, unfaste two plus screws in both sides.
And pull the plastic clear parts using minus screwdriver.

Here is the picture after removal.

You can see the lens has a direction (front & back).

Back side.

Stock bulb is fixed by a pair of metal clips.

We can't use these bulbs because of small space.

And if you use these type..

Very dark.

This type would be much better.

Looking good!

Left one is stock, right is LED.

However, I noticed sometimes LED bulbs don't work well.
It depends on the timing when you put the switch on.
This problem is probably from the very complicated electric system of Porsche,
and due to the small current of LED bulbs used.

To solve this problem, I use these bulbs.

This type has LED in front side.

And resistance allowing by-pass current in the back side, which mimicked the halogen bulbs.

Of course, we can make them with ease.

Put these new LES bulbs.

And this time, bulbs worked perfectly.

Great color, and bright enough.

Color is very matched to the body color.

I like them when seeing in the dark.

I think porsche should buy Cayman with LED bulbs in stock conditions.


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