Remove shift lever knob

How to remove and install shift lever knob. I noticed that there is two ways to do this job. 

First way, unclip the frame of the leather sleeve.

Turn leather sleeve clock wise by 90 degrees.

And pull up the shift lever knob. It is very very tight!

Here is the removed shift lever knob.

The backside

And the second way.

Raise up the shift lever patter panel.

And remove it.

There are T6 two screws. Unfasten both.

Raise up the black part It is very tight!

Removed black part.

Turn clip of leather sleeve clock wise by 90 degrees.

Pull up the silver part. It is very tight!

Removed silver part.

Sometimes, the sleeves and plastic clips are separated unintentionally.

In that case, set the plastic clip and leather sleeve like this.

And push into the plastic clip to fix.

This is a little bit hard job. But it is necessary to access center console, or install the short shifter,, so on.
Good luck!

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