OEM fog lamp

I don't like stock fog lamp color, and I changed them into PIAA "Super white" Bulb.

Please refer to this page about removing the fog lamp housing.

The bulb type is "H11".

To remove the bulb from connector, unclip this bulb.

Stock bulb is "Philips H11 12V 55W".

And OEM used is "PIAA H11 12V 55W" bulb.

Philips and PIAA bulbs.

The bulb is colored.

Although the color is bluish (or white), it is darker.

Yellow, but bright stock bulb.

White, but darker bulb.

Please compare.

You can easily see the difference!

So, I decided to install HID bulbs. HID is much bluish and bright.
Colored white bulb is useless!

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