Fog lamp HID conversion

HID installed in fog lamps.

HID kit. Possibly made in China?

Bulbs, and ballast.

Recently, the size of ballast is small.

High wattage type 12V55W (not 35W) is used.

Bulbs, and power wirings.

HID Xenon bulb.

Please refer to these pages.
Fog lamp housing removal and fog lamp bulb change

From this connector, we can get power.

Please confirm which side is 12V and the other is 0V using tester.



At first, HID is bluish, and becomes white later.

The ballast can be located inside the bumper.

The bulb is "H11" type.

Bulb is inserted into the housing, and fixed by rotating it.

The ballast is fixed by adhesive tapes.

From this space, we can locate the ballast. Backside of front bumper.

Immediately after the switch on. The color is blue.


slightly becomes white.

Head light (HID) + Fog light (HID) + small (LED) is on.

Head light (HID) +  small (LED) is on.

Only head light (HID)  is on.

However, because of the lens cut of fog lamp housing, the light from the fog lamp is not so bright.

We should install another driving light if pursuing the bright intensity.

Anyway, I like this modification. Xenon (HID) bulb is much more cool than halogen yellowish bulbs.

The bright intensity of fog HID is same as stock headlight HID.

The light becomes from bluish to white with increasing brightness.

Night vision was is much improved.


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