Paint interior trims

Interior trims are painted to body color, Carara White.

Please refer to these pages for removal
Trims and beverage holder lids, Door handle trims, Shift gate panel

Painting of interior trims are difficult because of material of ABS.
Not to being peeled off of color surface especially in installation, I recommend to ask professionals.

Beverage holder lids.

Door handle trims.

I recommend paint inside the trims, because you can easily see.

Shift gate, and beverage holders.

And small trims.

Beverage holders.

You should paint the side of lids.

Back side.

Shift gate.

The part you can see from outside is small.

After painting, I installed them.

Please refer to this page for more pictures.

If you choose the "Exclusive", you can paint the similarly, not by the "Dealer Option".

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