Tinted Tail Lights

Using tinting lens films, tail lights are smoked.

I think it looks BAD!

The difference is so big compared to the stock tail lights.

Please refer to this page to remove tail lights. The front side of tail light.

And the back side.

Mix the water and washing detergent at the ratio of one to twenty.
Put this solution into the spray bottle.

In the fact, I first used the other smoke films for windows. The film was made by poly-ethylene.

The color is much clearer.

Determine the size, and cut the film.

Test fitting to confirm the size.

Remove the clear protection sheet.

Spray the mixed water onto the adhesive side of the tinting film.

And spray also onto the surface of the lens.

And by heating using heat gun or hair dryer, I made the film fitted onto tail light.
How ever, I found the Cayman tail light is too rounded for this film.
This film can not wrap the tail light properly.

So, I decided to import the vinyl films from US, not available in Japan.
Vinyl films are more easy to stretch, and to be fitted on to the light with rounded shape.

I imported this from Decalfx.com. The procedures for import was a long and winding story.

Anyway, lastly, I got the product.

And, the quality of product was excellent!

These are imported films.

Films are precisely pre-cutted for the taillight lens and side markers.

I found that the procedures was much easier than the first time! 
The film was shrunken by itself and fitted onto the taillight surface when heated.

Stock and smoked tail light. What a big difference!

Wow! Very dark color.


And the stock.


And the stock.

I am little worrying about the cops...This color is highly illegal!

However, I don't care.

Finished in both sides.

So how it looks when the light is on? I tested. This is what it looks when the light is off.

When the parking light, and rear fog light is on.


Parking light on.

And blinker on.

The impression of the car is greatly changed. Very BAD :)

At the daytime, the blinker light is little darker. But no problems for the daily driving.
We can recognize it easily.

When the light on.

However, I recommend to use the light reflecting plates for sure.


And on.

Most of the people might prefer red tail light. But dark color is not so bad.

Of course,  functionally, there is a little disadvantage.

And , it is true that functionally, the stock one is best.

This is the red tail light.

So, what is your choice?

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