I started collecting cayman model cars, only white.

Model Car 1: 1/43 size, Cayman S

There are so many 911 model cars, but the number of cayman is not so huge.
I am looking for the white Cayman model cars. Here is the Cayman "S" model car.

The tires, and rear wings are movable.

Brown leather package, LHD

Model car 2: 1/43 size Cayman

I've succeeded in searching for the Cayman, not "S".

You can see the 17inch rims with 2.7liter Cayman.

Left is "Cayman S" and right is "Cayman".

The stickers on the rear hutch are also different.

Model car 3: 1/87size Cayman S

This one is smaller. Just the tires are movable.

The rims are painted black.

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