Porsche genuine modify
Lip spoiler -removal-
Lip spoiler -test fit-
Lip spoiler -install-
Rear spoiler -removal-
Speed Art spoiler -test fit-
Speed Art spoiler -install-
CF mirror trim
CF fog cover trim

Front bumper canard
Front smoke side marker
Front fog / position housing
Tinted tail light

Tinted vs red tail

OEM front fog bulbs
HID font fog conversion
3W LED position light
license LED bulbs
Rear tail light
Exhaust tips
Rims : Advan RS
How's 19inch Cayman
Bulb caps1
Bulb caps2
Dummy License plate
License plate bolt cover
registration number
Carbon side sills
Radar detector, AC power
on board Video
Lloyd mats
paint interior trims
CF key cylinder cover
Rennline dead pedal

interior removal
Panel left, under, driver side
Panel right, under, driver side
Panel left, under, pass side
Trim and cup holder
Door handle trim
Shift lever knob
Shift gate panel

POSES (parts list)

2008.7.Stock 1
2008.8. Stock2 at Daikoku
2008.9.Exclusive Preview
2008.9.Porsche Dealer
2008.12.Wangan Highway
2008.12.Wangan end of 2008
2009.1.Happy new year
2009.1.at Daikoku
2009.2.PDE2 BoxsterS  
2009.2.Dr. Porsche  
2009.2. new MY09 cayman  
2009.3. Ext Mod on the way
2009.3. Int Mod on the way
2009.3. Cayman at the circuit
2009.3. Time Machine Festival
2009.3.new MY09 Boxster
2009.4.Daikoku & Tatsumi

2009.4.What's "911 GT1"?

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Porsche genuine goods2
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