Q3. Do you know any good webs to buy a TRD part from USA, and are the price of TRD parts  cheaper in Japan?

A3. No. In Japan, we must show certification of owing typeM Celica to Toyota dealers when we order TRD parts. 

The price is very similar to the one in USA, and Europe.

 Exhaust pipe 85000 yen TRD ZZT230/231 100mm
 Sportivo suspension kit 180000 yen TRD ZZT231
 Tower-bar for rear 16000yen TRD ZZT230/231
 LSD 96000 yen TRD ZZT230/231
 helicalLSD 92000 yen TRD ZZT230/231 for street use
 light weight fly-wheel 56000yen TRD ZZT231
 sports air filter 9000 yen TRD ZZT230/231
 engine oil cooler 38000yen TRD ZZT231 (cool by water)
 sports thermo-stat 7000yen TRD ZZT230/231
 brake pads for CIRCUIT 20000 yen TRD ZZT230/231

@@* ZZT230=GT, ZZT231=GTS celica

fender flare 25,000yen

hood spoiler 35,000 yen

head light guarnish 11,000yen