tech fixing broken HDD how to assemble and disassemble
proposed by Prof.Satoshi Nishimura image00 / Jichi Med Univ(JAPAN)

identify problems of broken HDD

in this case, device driver is working improperly.
windows said "unformat HDD without any partition". (disc"1" in pics)

Movie: image00
when plugged, HDD was trying to seek zero-position, but failed
small repeated noise indicate some mechanical or data error

cable might be damaged?

first, connecting cable was replaced.
no changes

replacing motor-drive-board

second, motor drive board was replaced
new HDD (contol) was used as "doner"
because MBR (master boot recored) was memorized into small ROM chip
chip was removed from damaged one to new healthy board

however, in this case, condition was not changed
thus, disc itself or motor should be the cause of problem

replacing head

Third, reading head was took apart, and replaced.

replacing disc

Fourth, raw HDD disk was removed from damaged one, and inserted into new one

completely taken apart

All parts are now taken apart.

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