design and fabricaiton of wallet step by step
proposed by Prof.Satoshi Nishimura image00 / Jichi Med Univ(JAPAN)

E-mail: If interested (snishi-tky(a-mark) ) image00
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Design and make your only one wallet by leather


Start from inner parts (card holder).
Cut into pieces, and test-assemble.

Positioning each hole by metal tool with equal intervals.
After drilling, stich are made using a pair of waxed strings.

Exterior red leather is 3mm thick.

After stiching, the ends of strings are glued.

step by step.. repeat of drilling and stiching...

Fastners for coin cases

Make simlar intervals using this..

Coin cases are stiched onto buttom

Confirm availability of all pockets and coin case.

Fastner is stiched.

umm.. I need more pockets in it!

"Pocket" is made and stiched.
Everything is maede by true leahter!.

Leather strings attached.

I made this wallet from leathersheet without drawings.

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