leather handbag designed only for one
proposed by Prof.Satoshi Nishimura image00 / Jichi Med Univ(JAPAN)

E-mail: If interested (snishi-tky(a-mark)ninus.ocn.ne.jp ) image00
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handbag designed only for one customer
total operation time : 1.5 day

why hand-made now?

why do we need to make lot-one product?
what is the value for cusomization?
x100 costs will be paid?

design process is "imagine customer"

Customer said "I want some bag by leather".

I imagined like this...
    1. characterization of cutomers
      how old is she?
      she prefers cold-color? warm-color?
      she is conventional type? aggressive ?
      her height? armlength? right-handed?
      skin color?
    2. scene
      bags will be used where? how?
      what items inside?
      customer's clothes ?
    3. maintenance
      customer can fix if damaged?
      customer will care if stained?
    4. bias
      customer likes "brand"?
      cutomer knows "hand-made"?
design with full imagination!!

rough design , (also for stiching )

3mm thick leather

design, drawing (with curve), and cut

bottom part, (thin but hard leather)

masking tape as a guide

positioning and drilling

metal rivets to support bottom and increase stability in upright position

sewing step by step

attach grips

side parts are most functionally difficult part

for better looks, for better touches

thick cotton cloth

also use thin soft leather for flexbility

side parts assembled, step by step

fastener fixed, with caring how it opens

open, close, grab, imagine, adjust,
open, close, grab, imagine ,adjust, ,, (x100)


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