3D design by leather (clock)
proposed by Prof.Satoshi Nishimura image00 / Jichi Med Univ(JAPAN)

E-mail: If interested (snishi-tky(a-mark)ninus.ocn.ne.jp ) image00
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design with irregular and complex shaped surface using leather


cotton, clothes, metal, wood,,
each materials have different lookings

complex curved and diped surface is usually difficult to be fabricated
CNC machining is one solution, but they need 3D predefined models
fabrication take time and cost is high in case of big products

for me, plain surface is boring!
I need complex surface even if prototype
that is today's motivation

clock with wake-up timer

remove exterior parts

remove clear plastic shield and needles

leather sheet, as clock face

needle color changed
adjust needle position for correct wake-up timing

clock face, 3D designed

plastic shiled, re-used

front, back, top panels

bottom panel, with battery case

new switches and wirings

make surface step by step sewing...

using leather material, very complex surface (posi and nega) can be made easily

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