language study app
proposed by Prof.Satoshi Nishimura image00 / Jichi Med Univ(JAPAN)

E-mail: If interested (snishi-tky(a-mark) ) image00
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all-in-one language self-study app,

while listning, you can check textbooks, spells, online dictionaries..

you can do more, if you can check study results

speech recognition by software for MP3 and your voice

with avatar!

also for smartphone (Android)

technial ponits

synchronous showing sound, textbook, and pronunciation
log and summary
speech recognition for help
on-line dictionary for help


CDs and textbooks for language self-study

how to convert into this app.

1. CDs converted into MP3s

2. scan textbooks into JPEGs (optional)

3. enter pronounciation guide data (optional)

4. enter additional info (optional)

how to use this app.

pick up stored MP3 by app

synchronous MP3 play and text view

characters, meanings, pronounciation, and tone changes displayed in real-time

additional info

speech recognition (local)

automatically paging

smartphone android version


online dictionary & make youw own textbooks

dictionary (based on Azure service)

how to log

automatically logged for daily learning

automatically uploaded to SQL server

multi-language display

kanjis are not same!

Movie: speech recognition image00

Movie: play MP3, display text, and guide pronounciation image00

Movie: speech recognition image00

Movie: AVATAR image00

Movie: On-line dictionary


Movie: pronuciation info image00

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