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Publication & awards (prof Satoshi Nishimura) snishi-tky (a)


PGC-1alphamediated angiogenesis prevents pulmonary hypertension in mice.
Fujiwara T, … , Nishimura S, Komuro I.
JCI Insight. 2023;8(17):e162632.

Three-Dimensional Visualization of Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling in Mice.
Fujiwara T, Takeda N,,,,,, Nishimura S, Komuro I.
Circulation. 2021;144(17):1452-1455.

M1 macrophage infiltration exacerbate muscle/bone atrophy after peripheral nerve injury.
Shimada N, Sakata A, Igarashi T, Takeuchi M, Nishimura S.
BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2020;21(1):44.:

Restored interlaced volumetric imaging increases image quality and scanning speed during intravital imaging in living mice.
Sogabe M, Ohzeki M, Fujimoto K, Sehara-Fujisawa A, Nishimura S.
J Biophotonics. 2020 ;13(5).

Von Willebrand Factor Aggravates Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by Promoting Neutrophil Recruitment in Mice.
Urisono Y, Sakata A,,,,, Nishimura S, Sugimoto M.
Thromb Haemost. 2018 ;118(4):700-708.

Bone Imaging: Platelet Formation Dynamics.
Sakata A, Nishimura S.
Methods Mol Biol. 2018;1763:23-28.

Transplantation of bioengineered rat lungs recellularized with endothelial and adipose-derived stromal cells.
Doi R, Tsuchiya T, Mitsutake N, Nishimura S, et al.
Sci Rep. 2017;7(1):8447.

CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing via postnatal administration of AAV vector cures haemophilia B mice.
Ohmori T, Nagao Y,,,,, Nishimura S, Nureki O, Sakata Y.
Sci Rep. 2017 ;7(1):4159.

Hemostatic function to regulate perioperative bleeding in patients undergoing spinal surgery: A prospective observational study.
Kimura A, ,,,, Nishimura S, Takeshita K.
PLoS One. 2017 ;12(6):e0179829.

Selective Inhibition of ADAM17 Efficiently Mediates Glycoprotein Ibalpha Retention During Ex Vivo Generation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Platelets.
Hirata S,,,,, Nishimura S, Sugimoto N, Eto K.
Stem Cells Transl Med. 2017;6(3):720-730.

TMEM16F is required for phosphatidylserine exposure and microparticle release in activated mouse platelets.
Fujii T, Sakata A, Nishimura S, Eto K, Nagata S.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2015

Turbulence Activates Platelet Biogenesis to Enable Clinical Scale Ex Vivo Production.
Ito Y, Nakamura S,,,,, Nishimura S, Eto K.
Cell. 2018;174(3):636-648.e18.

IL-1alph induces thrombopoiesis through megakaryocyte rupture in response to acute platelet needs
Nishimura S, Nagasaki M, et al.
J Cell Biology 2015 11;209(3):453-66.

Simultaneous downregulation of KLF5 and Fli1 is a key feature underlying systemic sclerosis.
Noda S, Asano Y, Nishimura S, et al.
Nat Commun. 2014 5:5797.

Alendronate inhalation ameliorates elastase-induced pulmonary emphysema in mice by induction of apoptosis of alveolar macrophages
Ueno M, Maeno T, Nishimura S, et al.
Nat Commumnications, 2015 10;6:6332.

ENPP2 contributes to adipose Tissue expansion and insulin resistance in diet-induced obesity
Nishimura S, et al.
Diabetes, 2014;63(12):4154-64

Expandable Megakaryocyte Cell Lines Enable Clinically Applicable Generation of Platelets from Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Nakamura S, ,,,H, Nishimura S, Eto K, et al.
Cell Stem Cell, 2014 14(4):535-48

Adipose natural regulatory B cells negatively control adipose tissue inflammation
Nishimura S, et al.
Cell Metabolism. 2013, 18, 759-766.

In vivo imaging visualizes discoid platelet aggregations without endothelium disruption and implicates contribution of inflammatory cytokine and integrin signaling.
Nishimura S, Manabe I, et al.
Blood, 2012 ;119(8):e45-56.

Inhibition of Stabilin-2 elevates circulating hyaluronic acid levels and prevents tumor metastasis
Hirose Y, Saijou E, Sugano Y, Takeshita F, Nishimura S, et al.
PNAS, 2012, 109(11):4263-8

Adipose tissue remodeling associated with chronic inflammation and abnormal local immunity in obesity visualized by in vivo molecular imaging method
Nishimura S, Nagasaki M, Sugita J.
Inflammation and Regeneration, 2012, 32(4), 165-170.

Impaired insulin signaling in endothelial cells reduces insulin-induced glucose uptake by skeletal muscle.
Kubota T, Nishimura S, et al.
Cell Metab. 2011;13(3):294-307.

Transient activation of c-MYC expression is critifal for efficient platelet generation from human induced pluripotent stem cells.
Takayama N, Nishimura S, et al.
Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2010; 207(13):2817-2830

Lnk/Sh2b3 regulates integrin alpha-IIb-beta3 outside-in signaling in platelets leading to stabilization of developing thrombus in vivo
Nishimura S, and Takizawa H, Takayama N, et al.
the Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2010,120(1): 179-190.

Adipose tissue remodeling and chronic inflammation in obesity visualized by in vivo molecular imaging method
Nishimura S, Nagasaki M.
Journal of Biorheology, 2010, 24(1), 11-15.

Essential in vivo roles of the c-type lectin receptor CLEC-2: Embryonic/neonatal lethality of CLEC-2-deficient mice by blood/lymphatic misconnections and impaired thrombus formation of CLEC-2-deficient platelets.
Suzuki-Inoue K, Inoue O, Nishimura S, et al.
J Biol Chem. 2010 285(32):24494-507

Structural Heterogeneity in the Ventricular Wall Plays a Significant Role in the Initiation of Stretch-Induced Arrhythmias in Perfused Rabbit Right Ventricular Tissues and Whole Heart Preparations
Seo K, Inagaki M, Nishimura S, et al.
Circ Res, 2010, 106,176-184.

CD8+ effector T cells contribute to macrophage recruitment and adipose tissue inflammation in obesity
Nishimura S, Manabe I, et al.
Nature Medicine 2009, 15(8):914-920.

Cardiac fibroblasts are essential for the adaptive response of the murine heart to pressure overload
Takeda N, Manabe I, Uchino Y, Eguchi K, Matsumoto S, Nishimura S, et al.
the Journal of Clinical Investigation., 2010, 120(1): 254-265.

Structural Heterogeneity in the Ventricular Wall Plays a Significant Role in the Initiation of Stretch-Induced Arrhythmias in Perfused Rabbit Right Ventricular Tissuesand Whole Heart Preparations
Seo K, Inagaki M, Nishimura S, et al.
Circ Res, 2010, 106,176-184.

IFATS Series: FGF-2-induced HGF Secretion By Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells Inhibits Post-Injury Fibrogenesis Through A JNK-Dependent Mechanism.
Suga H, Eto H, ,,,, Nishimura S, et al.
Stem Cells, 2009;28:238-249.

A nanoparticle system specifically designed to deliver short interfering RNA inhibits tumor growth in vivo.
Yagi N, Manabe I, Tottori T, Ishihara A, Ogata F, Kim JH, Nishimura S,et al.
Cancer Res. 2009 15;69(16):6531-8.

In vivo imaging in mice reveals local cell dynamics and inflammation in obese adipose tissue
Nishimura S, Manabe I, et al.
the Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2008, 118(2): 710-721.

Responses of single ventricular myocytes to dynamic axial stretching.
Nishimura S, Seo K, et al.
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 2008;97:282-297

Adipogenesis in obesity requires close interplay between differentiating adipocytes, stromal cells and blood vessels
Nishimura S, Manabe I, et al.
Diabetes. 2007,56:1517-1526.

Membrane potential of rat ventricular myocytes responds to axial stretch in phase, amplitude and speed-dependent manners.
Nishimura S, Kawai Y, et al.
Cardiovascular Research, 2006;72(3):403-11.

Microtubules modulate the stiffness of cardiomyocytes against shear stress.
Nishimura S, Nagai S, et al.
Circulation Research. 2006;98(1):81-7.

Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein Impairs the Force-Generating Ability of Isolated Rat Ventricular Cardiomyocytes.
Nishimura S, Nagai S, et al.
Mol Cell Biochem. 2006;286(1-2):59-65.

Overexpression of MCP-1 in adipose tissues causes macrophage recruitment and insulin resistance.
Kamei N, ,,, Nishimura S, ,,,,Kadowaki T.
J Biol Chem. 2006; 281(36):26602-14

Carbon fiber technique for the investigation of single cell mechanics in intact cardiac myocytes.
Sugiura S, Nishimura S, et al.
Nature Protocols, 2006; 1(3): 1453-1457

Contractile dysfunction of cardiomyopathic hamster myocytes is pronounced under high load conditions.
Nishimura S, Yamashita H,,, Sugiura S.
J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2005;39(2):231-9.

The echocardiographic determinants of functional mitral regurgitation differ in ischemic and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy.
Nagasaki M, Nishimura S, ,,, Hosoda S.
Int J Cardiol. 2005;108(2):171-176.

Three-dimensional simulation of calcium waves and contraction in cardiomyocytes using the finite element method.
Okada J, Sugiura S, Nishimura S, Hisada T.
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 2005;288(3):C510-22.

Single cell mechanics of rat cardiomyocytes under isometric, unloaded, and physiologically loaded conditions.
Nishimura S, Yasuda S,,,,, Sugiura S.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2004;287(1):H196-202.

Role of Ca2+ in determining the rate of tension development and relaxation in rat skinned myocardium.
Saeki Y, Kobayashi T,, Nishimura S,,,, Sugi H.
J Mol Cell Cardiol. 2004 Mar;36(3):371-80.

Unloaded shortening increases peak of Ca2+ transients but accelerates their decay in rat single cardiac myocytes.
Yasuda S, Sugiura S, , Nishimura S, ,,, Sugi H.
Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 2003;285(2):H470-5.

Thrombopoietin-producing hepatocellular carcinoma.
Ryu T, Nishimura S, Miura H, Yamada H, Morita H, Miyazaki H, Kitamura S, Miura Y, Saito T.
Intern Med. 2003;42(8):730-4.

Follow-up study of aortic-valve replacement surgery in patients with Takayasu's disease complicated by aortic regurgitation.
Nishimura S, Toubaru T, Ootaki E, Sumiyoshi T.
Circ J. 2002;66(6):564-6.

Acute onset of nephrotic syndrome during interferon-alpha retreatment for chronic active hepatitis C.
Nishimura S, Miura H, Yamada H, Shinoda T, Kitamura S, Miura Y.
J Gastroenterol. 2002;37(10):854-8.

Drug-induced MPO-ANCA-positive necrotizing crescentic glomerulonephritis preceded by granulomatous hepatitis
Nishimura S, Shinoda T, Suzuki Y, Yoshimoto H, Yamada H, Miura H, Kitamura S, Arimura Y
Clin and Exp Nephrol. 2002;6(2):118-20.

Rapidly progressive tabes dorsalis associated with selective IgA deficiency.
Nishimura S, Miura H, Yamada H, Ryu T, Miura Y.
Intern Med. 2001;40(9):972-5.


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