2009.1 new Year Daikoku, and MY previous ride

KDP (Klub Der Porsche) and Cayman Cub Japan (CCJ) club meeting at Daikoku

This is the big event for me. I take a photo with my previous ride, red celica.

Celica is now owned by Jun. He is modifying after he got my celica.
For example, front bumper is changed.

It is a great pleasure to take a photo with present and previous ride.
Don't you think?

Jun is modifying by DIY.

Here is the new bumper, modified veilside.

New carbon duct. Surprisingly, he made it by himself!

Rear view of two shot.

Umm.. I sholuld lower my cayman.

Many Caymans are getherd.

So many caymans!

First, I wanted this color. Very good.

Black with aluminum lips and vents.

White with turbo rims.

White and red caymans with G7 rims.

The bumper is Warm Collection.

The same .. rear spoiler.

I like this style.

Rims are 20inch hyper-forged.

The depth of rims are not so large in case of cayman due to the offset.

This one is the limited edition version, with 19 turbo rims.

I've never seen this rim.

Seems like 18inch.

There were also so many 911.

I like this style.

He is famous as 200mph runner.


Big calipers!

By the way, I also like red 911.

Oh, GT3RS!

I want this wing on my cayman. Is is possible?

Many my friends also came at this meeting.

My friend ame recently got this Z4.

He has already installed 19 inch rims, and bilstein suspensions.

Titan exhaust are also installed. Awesome!

Um... I must do something!

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