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image00 Me:
Graduated medical department of the Univ of Tokyo (JAPAN) in 1999.
Currently woking as a a full professor of Medical University.
Japanese licensed medical doctor
(speciality: cardiovascular int med), and also tech geek.

自治医科大学教授_分子病態研究部_発明家_医師_ 研究者_西村智(にしむらさとし)
本当のゼロからイチをつくる仕事です。発明の結果、技術、ノウハウ、 必要な部品、プログラムを公開しています。電気自動車、車いす、 光学機器、カメラ、分野は多岐にわたります。単独著者として 相当数の特許を取得しています。開発依頼、研究依頼、相談、暇つぶし、 なんでもお気軽にメールしてください
你们好  我是大学教授・发明者・医生・老师 请看我的工作

image00 Previous webs:
list of all related IP(patents).
at the age of 24 (-1998).
at the age of 26 (-2000).
at the age of 30, car modify (-2005). image00
at the age of 32, biology (2006-2011).
Publication list until now
coding of this webpage image00

try Photometry sample:me mylab
try VR (dual) 3D 003 cubes&pickup me myLab
try VR (anaglyph) EV-003 cubes&pickup

renew of web techs:
2023.01.06 update: >140 pages, STL on physics
2022.12.06 update: >120 pages
2022.10.01 update: SQL updated
2022.10.01 update: pHP version updated
2022.09.25 update: SQL based service
2022.09.25 update: interactive mouse cursor tracing
2022.09.25 update: drawing onto webs
2022.08.25 update: localMIDIplay, localJoystick beta
2022.08.14 update: mobile skip for webgl
2022.08.14 update: overlay buttons, obj-based
2022.08.01 update: fogged, VR adjusted, code to data
2022.07.31 update: VR-3dview
2022.07.30 update: 404error pages
2022.07.30 update: GLTF/GLB rendere
2022.07.25 update: previous webs upload/fixed
2022.07.18 update: cube mode, scroll pos bug fixed
2022.07.12 update: shaders / renderer updated
2022.07.10 update: shaders / renderer updated
2022.07.08 update: Smartphone funciton
2022.07.08 update: mouse and touch-pad opertaion
2022.07.08 update: resize/scroll adjustment
2022.07.07 update: site renewal from scratch

I made this website, all software, and hardwares from scratch. 3D data re-constructions based on photometry, webGL, three.js, and C#. 3D scans by custom auto-picturing robots.

records of lectures
Jichi Med Univ, M2 students. 2022.09 & BBS
Tsukukoma high-school. 2022.09 & movies
Utsunomiya-higashi highschool. 2022.11 & movies
why we should use web-based presentation 2022.12 & image viewer
Tottori-univ 2023.01


free tech consultation in Jichi
Prototype & IP proposed by Prof.Satoshi Nishimura. I create from abs0 to new1. image00

Proposals from Japanese tech guy. Jichi Med Univ(JAPAN)

3D-web starting-up

Prof. Satoshi Nishimura(MD.PhD). Jichi Med Univ, JAPAN.
image00 All working prototypes are made withtin small research lab of Japanese medical univ. Designed and manufactured by only one professor. Everything is designed to make new in the world. Many new techs and know-hows included. Related patents applied as a single independent author. Always open for any discussion, collaboration, and making "start-up" business. Any proposals are welcome. That's why I made this website. :)

refresh seat & cushion
original font
decorative stitch
1week image capture
018 ushikun EV 1 うしくんはこちら!
018 ushikun EV 2 うしくんはこちら!
010 proto, under work
photometry of buildings
streetview & map making car
alminium frame on NV200 (cargo van)

:mobility image00


:bike/wheelchairs image00

:optics image00
edge of fluor microscope

from visible to IR

proposal of new optical system


daily support

from micro to macro scales


:car modifications image00

:music image00

:gallery from biology image00

:how to code image00

:tips & kaizen image00


:fashion image00

:entertainment image00

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