2009.2. MY09 new Cayman!

I heard that new MY09 cayman is shown at dealer, and went to see the difference.
There is MY08 and MY09 cayman!

New cayman! Front face is changed.

So, at first, we should compare the engine specs

                       MY08 cayman before change     MY09 new cayman 
Displacement              2,700cc                                  2,900cc                        
Power                     245ps/6500rpm                  265ps/7200rpm
Torque                  27.8kg/4600rpm                   30.6kg/6000rpm
Cylinder size         85.5x78mm                           89x77.5mm  
Mission                  5or6MT or 5TIP                     6MT or 7PDK
Price  start at        6,330,000JPY                       6,610,000JPY

                        MY08 caymanS before change     MY09 new caymanS 
Displacement               3,387cc                                 3,436cc   (DFI)                     
Power                    295ps/6500rpm                       320ps/7200rpm
Torque                 34.7kg/4600rpm                        37.7kg/6000rpm
Cylinder size         96x78mm                                   97x77.5mm  
Mission                 6MT or 5TIP                              6MT or 7PDK
Price  start at         7,860,000JPY                         8,300,000JPY

Front lip spoiler is changed.

More aggressive.

Big difference.

Fog lamp is also changed.

This LED work daylight at USA, and parking light at Japan.

Head light is dramatically changed.

It seems difficult to put this new light into my MY08 cayman.

Door mirror is bigger.

So, how about the interior parts?

Instrument clusters are not changed. 

I think this aluminum plate is option.

This car is PDK.

I want to test drive!

Sadly, new center console looks cheaper.

Result of "cost-cut"?

What is the big and strange thing on the dash?

It is navigation antenna. It should be much smaller

Except than these changes, interior parts are not changed.

The surface of new engine emblem is smooth. Why?

Another "cost-cut"?

Rear section, we can also see additional changes.

Most appealing is the LED tail light.

To install these new lights into MY08 cayman, we must modify rear fender and bumpers. Very hard work.

Blinker and back light is normal halogen lamp.

The shape of under spoiler is also changed.

New Cayman S rims in rear.

And in front.

In summary, the Porsche worked hard to build up new engine.
The lights and rims are changed, but the changes are minimal.
However, they also performed some "cost-cut" such as black plasticky interior parts.

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