2009.4. Daikoku & Tatsumi

As a weekly habit, I went to Daikoku & Tatsumi parking at Metropolitan highway.

BMW M6. Beautiful car, I think.

Especially in the rear view. Cabriolet is much better.

LP560-4 Gallardo spyder.

Cayman with Cayman S rims.

type993 911. 

Aston Martin.

Audi TTS coupe.


Huge calipers!

Four exhaust tips!

type997 911 GT3.

PCCB is equipped.

I want this wing for my car.

Many Porsche gathered in Tatsumi parking lot.

Wow! Tinted head light.

How about the night driving with this head light?

Cayman with Jubily front bumper.

Lip spoiler is painted black.

Very rare lip spoiler. Can you tell?

Its Techart product.

987 Boxster with many modifications.

Aluminum mesh grill cover the hole of air intake in front bumper.

RECARO seats are isntalled.

Carbon air vents. 

Aluminum look Cayman air vent. (Just for comparison)

type996 911 GT3

I love this wing.

I also love these 911.

I can spend so many hours to look around many Porsche. Its very happy!

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