Impression of 19inch ride GOOD or BAD?

Advan RS 19inch rims                                            Stock 17inch rims

19inch AdvanRS                              17inch Stock rims
Front 8.5J, 235-35-19, +52              Front 6.5J, 205-55-17 +55
Rear 10J, 265-35-19, +40                Rear 8J, 235-50-17, +40
Michelin Pilot Sport2                         Continental Sport Contact2

The both are "N-tire", which Porsche recommend.

At first, my Advan rims are not forged, but very light. 
The weight is around 8kg similar to the forged rims.

I will check the good and bad points 17 and 19 inch for "Cayman".

1. Looks

Advan RS 19inch                                                  Stock 17inch rims

Result.. 19inch wins perfectly as for the looks. No discussion.
   Some guys installed 20inches for the better looks.

2. Tire grip (in the longitudinal directional)

Result: 17inch wins

With PSM off, I tried 0-100km several times. 
I noticed that at the power band, 19inch easily loose grip onto the ground.

3. Tire at the Corner 

Results: 17inch wins

The grip in the corner are much better in 17inch.

4. Ride impression

At the street, there are many bumps. However, 19inch without PASM would be problem?
The answer is no. We can comfortably roll the street with 19inches.

5. I think the Porsche dealers are...

These are sample of rims at Porsche dealers.
There are so many 19inch Porsche dealer options. Some are not forged, so very heavy.
Why the dealers recommend 19inches for Cayman?

Cayman is constructed for 17inch, and S for 18inch.
As noted, functionally , the 19inch is WORSE IN ALL ASPECTS.

6. summary

I know well the bad point of 19inch, but I selected JUST FOR LOOKS.
Many motor magazines and some guys at dealers recommend "inch-up", but it is nonsense.
Theoretically, it is clear that inch-up is meaningless.

So, if you go to the track, don't select the 19inch.

However, if you want better looks, let's roll with 19!!

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