Rear tail light

Only after 3000km drive, the sign appeared "check Left brake bulb".

Yes.. Bulb is blow.

To remove tail light housing, at first remove interior parts. Rotate this clip.

Remove this part.

Of course, you can change the bulb without removing taillight, but it is tricky.
I recommend that you remove tail light housing, because of ease.

Remove 8mm nuts in three points.

Remove connector from light housing.

Now, you can pull the light housing from the body.

Unclip this part

The bulbs and base part are separated.

Brake bulb is here. 

21W / 4W bulb with 150 degree pin.

It is lucky that I have spare bulbs.

Of course, you can buy at motor shop. But you should notice that "150 degree pins".

Now, you can install "red tail light" or tint them.

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