Caron fiber door sills with "Cayman" logo

I changed door sills into carbon fiber.
The parts are obtained from MAX SPEED Motorsports

It is very reasonable price, as compared to very expensive genuine carbon fiber optional parts.

Here is the package.

I asked to make "Cayman" logo, not "Cayman S".

It is very light.

In the back side, there are adhesive 3M tapes. 

How about the quality of carbon fiber?

Of course, the stock design is excellent.

There are "Cayman" aluminum plate.

Over the stock sills, just stick the carbon fiber parts. Very easy.


Carbon fiber


Carbon fiber.

There are other replacement carbon fiber parts from OEM brands.
  Air vent, Fog cover, Center console, and Front hood.
You can select the carbon look at reasonable price. Quality is not so bad.

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