Custom floor and trunk mat

I changed stock mats to custom ones made by Lloyd.

Because, I want this name!

I imported mats from US to Japan.

Shipped by USPS

Front two pieces.

with red "PORSCHE" logos.

I purchased also mats for rear trunk deck.

This one is stock. Of course, not cheap..

The logo is very small.

The stock mat is fixed by Velcro tapes.

Carpet side.

Plastic clips are attached.

There also installation guide.

However, these clips won't work well with Cayman.B

There are no stock mat for rear trunk.

Just put the mat in the trunk.

Fitting is perfect!

I like these logos!

Driver's side

Passenger's side

First, I wanted to put "Cayman" or "987".

At night

Great to see!

There are distributing company in Japan.

BoxterS, 986, 911, so on are available. But no 987, no Cayman unfortunately.

So I selected this one.

When buying from Japanese, they are expensive. 59,850 yen! (=600USD)

So I decided to buy from US.

The price is cheaper than the half of the one in Japan.

Distributors in US.

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