Front Lip Spoiler -Test Fitting-`

Before installation, i test-fitted the lip spoiler

I imported the genuine Porsche lip spoiler from UK.

Because the price of genuine Porsche parts differ among countries very much.

The correct name of lip spoiler is "Front Splitter Aero".

It cost only 340 ponds! In Japan, the price is more than twice

Here is the right wing, front side.

Back side. The product is made by Poly-urethane (flexible).

There is a sign showing genuine parts.

You can see "987..." and "Made in Germaeny"!

Here is the invoice.

The tax for import is only 1200 yen.

Stock, black lip spoiler. I don't like this design, front-side up.

Here is the link for page showing removal of stock spoilers.

After removal. You can see the dip, which will combine with the nail.

In the center, there is a big nail to fixation.

Nail will go into this part.

And small nail is also in the middle.

It will connect with this part.

And to fix this part...

I used alminium tape.

So, the fitting is very good!

This part of lip spoiler will be fixed by adhesive tape.

The lip is lower than the stock ones.

You can see almost no gap between lips and stock bumper.

Same in the other side.

Okay, so the next step is paiting.

Lip come with adhesive tapes. You can see the parts number, which is a evidence of genuine parts.

Stock and optional lips.

I look forward to seeing how it looks after the complete installation.

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