Inner Trim & Cup Holder removal

I removed all the inner trims under the AC vent. At first remove the beverage cup holder.

Trim under rear AC vent at driver's side.

Just pull. Be careful not to be scratched by AC vent. Of course, you can remove AC vent at first.

Trim is fixed by two nails.

Trim at right, driver's side.

You can remove it by just pulling backward.

Back side.

Cup holder.

Open the glove box, and unfasten two torque screws.

Left one.

And the right one.

Little hard to access the screw.

Removed two bolts.

Slide the cup holder entirely.

Very big cup holders!
This part is fragile, and expensive.

Remove nine torque screws.

Open the box! 

Be careful. Sometimes cup holder come out by compressed spring power.

Remove the cup holder entirely and carefully.

Cup holder.

Fix the moving parts by tape.

Lid of holder was separated.

As for the trim under the AC vent, just pull.

Removed trim.

Back side.

You can remove the driver's side in the similar way.

The last is the center piece. Just pull.

Be cautious not to break them.

Disconnect from the harness.

Removed center piece.

The button also can be removed.

You can remove key switch by raising the two nails.

Key switch.

Trim under AC vent.

Now you can paint, or change all the trims as you like!

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