Speed Art Rear Spoiler -test fitting-`

Test fitting of Speed Art rear spoiler

I import this product form UK.

Here is the contents of package.

Installation guide is included. However, its version seems old.

The product catalogue.

Main spoiler, and two wings.

Spacers, and bolts.

Front side.

Back side.

It is made by FRP. The quality is very good.

Two wings in both side.


And inner side.

The wing is fixed by a pair of bolt in each side.

Fitting is not so bad.

Gap is not so big.

Refer to this page, removal of stock spoiler.

Here is the spoiler shaft when the spoiler was raised by manual.

and spacer nut

Like this, the wing is mounted at much higher positions.
Note that you need 11mm wrench.

Fix the bottom part of stock spoiler.  This position is when the wing is raised up by manual.

Fix by 13mm deep socket wrench.

To combine the stock bottom part and Speed Art spoiler, fasten the attached seven nuts.

This is when the wing is in normal position.

So, the next step is paint the spoiler, and install them again.

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