Speed Art - install - 

After test-fitting, and painting, I installed Speed Art rear spoiler.

Here is the painted spoiler.

"Screw lock sealant" is used to fix the screws.
You should not fasten with high torques into FRP products. They are fragile.

I noticed that there are possibilities that water can come into inside the spoiler, so I marked the bottom of the space.

And make a small hole to drain.

In addition, to prove the water come into the rear trunk, I used urethane thick water protection tapes

The gap is filled completely. It is a important process if you remove stock spoiler
Water easily come inside!

The stock spoiler.

And Speed Art when raised up.

And down. The gap between spoiler and tail lights are around 10 mm.


and down.

I like its style!

You can see the spoilers in room mirror when wing goes up. Interesting!

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