Red vs Tinted tail

I have a question. Which you can see clearly Red Tail Lights or Tinted ones?

Here is the tinted tail light by DIY.

I made them by tinting film.

I also have red tail light. Porsche genuine parts. 
Porsche say "legal".

Of course, tinted tail lights are darker than stock ones.

So how about tail lights? I will run experiments.

Left is red tail, and right is tinted one.

Back light is on. The brightness is similar.

Blinker. Not so different.

Answer is "so so".

Unexpectedly, red tail light is not so bright.

Back lamp at tinted one.

Back lamp at red tail from different angle.
You can see the color is not white due to the color of lens.

I doubt it is completely legal.

Tinted + back + blinker.

Red tail + back + blinker.
You can also see the color is little "Red". In Japanese law, the blinker must be yellow.
I doubt whether it is acceptable.

So, answer is clear.
Select on your responsibility!

In US, many people installed tinted film in the different way.

Half side. Very good in black car.

Also good in white cayman.

This is not film but painting.

You can adjust the color when you paint.

Very bright.

Red and tint combination in boxster.

Completely black in 911.

Some people paint the inside of head light.

The difference is big.


Is it photochopped? or real?

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